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Ally Fabish
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The Seed of Carlopean


Brief overview - Avatar meets Lord of the Rings. One Seed rules them - One Seed can save them.  In the world of Carlopean, three vengeful kings rule.  Alex, a bullied, shy teenager suddenly finds himself smack bang in the middle of it.  Immediately he is drawn towards Meeka, who is searching for her twin sisters lost in the kings forest.  Meeka is a Falada, strong and courageous but slowly losing faith.  Her wings are withered from lack of sunlight and nourishment due to the kings keeping the Seed of Carlopean hidden away.  The seed fills them with its powers, so that they may rule over all others, but the seed is diminishing and will die, causing the kingdom to forever suffer.  As the threat of darkness draws ever closer, Alex finds himself using many the techniques his Grandpa taught him as a child.  Silly games, codes and survival skills.  He would und ... Read more »
Views: 23973 | Added by: Ally | Date: 2012-04-12

Rosie Black's Adventures are a series of books about a black Labrador who begins a new life on a farm when her elderly owner goes into a nursing home. ... Read more »

Views: 2641 | Added by: Ally | Date: 2012-04-12

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