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Ally Fabish


The funny side of dating.  Have you been out of the dating scene for a while.  Off the market but now back on.  Take a look into the life of a single girl, the ups and downs of getting back in the saddle. 
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The Rule Book

I teach myself happy and confidence methods all the time, but I still cant seem to get myself on the dating scene.  I’m 49 and have  been on four dates throughout my life.  I’m terrified of it.  I’ve never done it.  I don’t know if I can do it and the more I tell myself this the more terrified I become.  I can meet a man in a pub and chat for hours, maybe even enjoy it, but the second he asks to see me again I retreat faster than Custer's last stand!

Note to self: I intend to meet my perfect man by having him fall into my lap, fall madly in love with me, sweep me off my feet and whisk me away to some tropical destination to live happily ever after.  


Simple.  That’s how it works isn’t it.  That chance encounter, you fall down, he picks you up, you look up into his eyes, that steamy look, love at first sight, everlasting love.  Right, perfect, here I go.

Step 1 – add myself to every dating website possible.

Result – a wink, hello gorgeous, hey sexy or your hot message from everyone of the most unsuitable men around the globe.  I only seem to attract 20-30yr olds looking for The Cougar, "an older woman experience”, or over 60’s men looking for a younger woman.  It seems to be an impossibility to meet a man my age when they all want are younger woman.  Am I doomed to be with Mr Retired at my age?    

Step 2 – For the first time, I will let someone actually take my phone number instead of giving out a false one, blowing them off or disappearing before they get the chance to ask.

Result – Idiots who are just after a bit of fun and whom I had obviously had met when I had ridiculously ginormous beer goggles on the night before, which also results in them consistently texting me late at night for a, ahem, "booty call". 

Step 3 – Let my friends set me up with a friend

Result – My friends taste in men are nothing like mine and moving forward I awkwardly have to see these unfavorable men I have rejected, every time we go out as a group. 

Result for this is an all round uncomfortable time –
Result for that is to drink more –

Result for that is a drunken night –

Result for that is back to Step 2 results of ginormous beer goggles

Step 4 – Get a hobby.

Result – still trying to find a man that likes knitting









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